Adding a new Supplier

  1. Click on “Purchases” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Manage Suppliers”.
  3. Click the “New Supplier” button.
  4. Enter the supplier’s information as follows:
    • Supplier Details:
      • Business Name: The supplier’s name as it appears in transactions within the program.
      • First Name – Last Name: The name of the representative of the supplying company.
      • Telephone – Mobile: Contact numbers for the supplier.
      • Address: Enter the full address of the supplier (street, city, state/region, postal code).
      • Country: Specify the supplier’s country.
      • CR: Add the supplier’s commercial registration number.
      • VAT Number: Add the tax number for the supplier’s company.
      • Add Secondary Address: Represents the secondary address of the supplier.
      • Add Contact: Click to add more contacts to the supplier’s company.
    • Account Details:
      • Supplier Number: It’s a code representing the supplier and is automatically sequenced. This can be edited or the sequencing method can be adjusted through the “Auto Numbering Settings” within the account.
      • Currency: The default currency in any financial transaction related to this supplier.
      • Opening Balance: Add the supplier’s opening balance.
      • Opening Balance Date: Specify the date the opening balance was entered into the system.
      • Email: The supplier’s email where they receive the latest operations and actions details.
      • Notes: Add any notes about the supplier if available.
  5. Click the “Save” button.

Note: Upon saving, a sub-account for the supplier will be added within the Chart of Accounts, listed as follows:

Liabilities > Current Liabilities > Accounts Payable > Suppliers.