Adding a Payment to a Purchase Invoice

  1. Click on “Purchases” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Purchase Invoices“.
  3. Select the purchase invoice to which you want to add a payment.
  4. Click on “Add Payment” from the options that appear in front of you.
  5. Enter the payment details as follows:
    • Payment Method: Select the payment method.
      • Note: You can customize the payment methods through account settings. For more details, see the “Payment Methods” guide.
    • Amount: Enter the paid amount.
    • Date: Set the payment date.
    • Payment Status: Choose the payment status from the following:
      • Incomplete.
      • Completed.
      • Pending.
      • Failed.
    • Collected By: Select the user responsible for collection.
    • Treasury: Select the treasury or bank account from which collection is made.
    • Payment Details: Add any additional information related to the payment.
    • Receipt Notes: Add any additional information related to the payment.
    • Attachment: Attach photos or documents related to the payment.
    • Ref No: It is a number associated with payment transactionin payment papers.
    • Click on the “Add Payment” button.