Suppliers Custom Fields

  1. Click on “Purchases” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Supplier Settings”.
  3. Click on the card titled “Custom Fields”.
  4. Select the type of fields you need from the list on the left, such as (Single Line, Multiple Lines, Number, Dropdown, Checkbox, Date, etc.).
  5. Long press and drag the desired field towards the empty space until a frame appears indicating the field’s position on the screen.
  6. A floating screen will immediately appear, which includes:
    • Properties: Adjust the basic settings of the field like (field label, instructions, initial value, etc.).
    • Validation:
      • Is it Required ?: The field becomes mandatory when adding a supplier, and saving is not allowed without entering a value in the field.
      • Filter by this Field?: The field appears as one of the filters used on the “Manage Suppliers” page.
      • Is it Unique ?: The program prevents the repetition of the same value in the field for any other supplier.
    • Layout: The size and position of the field can be formatted relative to the other custom fields on the page.
  7. Set the field settings and then click the “Save” button.
  8. Click on the “Save” button to adopt the added fields.
  • Note: The added fields that have been designated will appear on the “Add New Supplier” page below all the original  fields.