Viewing the Supplier Profile

  1. Click on “Purchases” from the main menu.
  2. Click on “Manage Suppliers”.
  3. Select the desired supplier and click on the “View” button.
  4. The program will display the supplier’s file:
    • The supplier balance is displayed at the top of their profile page.
      • In case you don’t enable the “Auto pay purchase invoices if the supplier has available credit.” option, and the supplier had a debit balance, you will get the option “Distribute” which enables you to distribute the amount over the invoices.
    • Supplier file control tools: A set of actions that can be applied to the supplier such as (editing data, creating a purchase invoice, account statement, adding/ editing an opening balance, suspended, delete).
    • Profile: Displays the recorded supplier’s data in the account.
    • Latest Purchase Invoices: Displays all the purchase invoices with the supplier with the option to download them in PDF format or send them via email.
    • Payments: to view the payments that were made to the supplier’s account.
    • Transaction List: to view all transactions that occurred on the supplier’s account.