Creating a Purchase Quotation

What is a Quotation Request?

A “purchase quotation is a proposal provided by one of your affiliated suppliers. It includes a list of the items you inquired about, detailing the quantity and the purchase prices. You have the right to accept or reject  this offer after reviewing and comparing all the purchase price offers from different suppliers.

The “Purchasing Cycle” app provides you with the appropriate mechanism to record purchase price quotations from various suppliers. This allows you to compare them and choose the best offer from all the recorded ones, converting it into a final purchase order.

Creating a Purchase Quotation

  1. Click on “Purchases” from the main menu.
  2. Select “Purchase Quotations”.
  3. Click the “Add Purchase Quotation” button.
  4. Select the supplier who sent you the quotation from the dropdown menu.
    • To add a new supplier, click the button Add next to the suppliers’ list.
  5. Click on the currency symbol next to the Add button to manage the invoice currency.
  6. Enter the quotation details.
    • General Information
      • P.Q. Number: It’s an automatic unique number for each quotation generated by the system.
      • Quotation Date: The date the supplier sent the quotation, set to the current date by default.
      • Valid Until: The number of days after which the quotation is considered invalid, starting from the quotation reception date.
      • Custom Fields: Click on the to add the custom fields you want. This allows you to include all the details sent to you by the supplier in the quotation.
        • Enter the custom field’s name.
        • Determine the value of the custom field.
    • Quotation Items
      • Item: Choose the product for which you received a quotation and make sure the product is available in your registered inventory.
      • Description: Add a detailed description of the product.
      • Quantity: Determine the quantity for which a quotation was sent to you.
        • Note: The quantity you receive for a product in a quotation is the same quantity that will be issued in the purchase order to the supplier, and you will not be able to change it, so be precise when determining it.
      • Tax: Click on the downward arrow in the “Tax” field in the invoice table.
        • Select the required tax from the dropdown menu.
        • Or click on “Tax Settings” to edit the tax list on the account.
      • ➕ Add: Click on the add button to include more products in the same quotation.
    • Discount: Enter the discount value or percentage on the total quotation amount, and you can choose the type of applicable discount from the dropdown arrow next to the discount field.
    • Shipping: Select the warehouse where you want to receive the products and determine the shipping costs required to transport the products to you.
      • Note: Warehouse and storage options will not appear unless you have added other warehouses besides the default one. For more details on how to add a new warehouse, refer to the guide “Add New Warehouse”.
  7. After completing all the details, click on the green “Save” button at the top of the page.