System Activity Log Report

What are the uses of the System Activity Log Report?

The system activity log report is considered a record of all transactions that have been executed on the account. That is, through this report, you can identify any action that has been added, modified, or deleted in the system, in addition to identifying who executed this action and the time it was done.

Through the report, you can easily monitor and track any action on the system through a single window, and it also allows the possibility to search for a specific employee or a specific action.”

Viewing the System Activity Log Report

  1. Click on the “Reports” menu.
  2. Click on “System Activity Log“.
  3. After the report is displayed, some filter-specific indicators will appear, through which you can search:
    • “All Actions”: You can specify the type of action for which you want to search for related movements.
      • If a specific action like “Delete Expense” is chosen, all activities related to deleting expenses in the system will be displayed.
    • “All Users”: You can specify the user for whom you want to display account activities.
    • “Keyword”: You can search by keyword, such as a movement number or movement name, to facilitate the search process.
    • “Date Range”: You can specify a period to display its activity logs.