Viewing the Tax Report

To view the Tax Report

  1. Click on the “Reports” menu.
  2. Click on “Accounting Reports“.
  3. From the “Accounting Reports” page, select the “Tax Report“.
  4. Select the report view method “Summary” or “Details”.
  5. The tax report will appear on a new page. You can apply several additional filters to the report.
    • Tax: You can specify the type of tax you want to report or select all taxes together.
    • Revenue Type: Determines how the report is displayed, whether for all issued invoices (accrual) , only fully paid invoices or partially paid invoices.
    • Specify the period for which you want to display the report.
    • Select the currency in which you want to display the report.
    • Select the branches for which you want to display the report.
    • If you want to show items that were not taxed, you can click on “Show non taxed items”.
  6. After modifying the filters, click on “Show Report“.
  7. You can print the report from “Print” or export it to a CSV, EXCEL, or PDF file from the export options.


Note: There may be a difference in the report display result based on Paid Invoices versus Issued Invoices, even though all invoices in the specified period are paid.

This difference is due to:

  • The method of displaying the report based on paid invoices shows the invoices by their payment date, not the issuance date of the invoice itself,
  • Whereas displaying the report based on issued invoices reviews the invoices based on their issuance date, not the payment date of the invoice.