Viewing the Income Statement List on a Monthly Basis

Viewing the Income Statement Report (Profit & Loss) on a Monthly Basis

You can utilize the Income Statement / Profit and Loss report to track the financial activity of your establishment. Through the Accrual Profit and Loss report, you can view a summary that details all revenues and expenses for a specified period based on (monthly, quarterly, yearly) intervals according to your preference.


To view the Profit and Loss report:

1- From the main menu, click on “Reports”.

2- Click on “Accounting Reports”.


3- From the “Accounting Reports” page, select the “Profit & Loss” report (Accrual).

Note: Ensure to click on (Accrual) to view all transactions related to the income statement and not just the financial ones.


4- Within the report page, you can apply a number of additional filters:

  • Date Range: Define the period for which you want the report to be displayed on a monthly basis.
  • Date Period: Specify how the report is displayed, be it on a (monthly, quarterly, Annually) basis.
  • Branching Level: Select the hierarchy level of the accounts shown in the report.
  • Journal Branch: Choose the branch through which the transactions were made.
  • Accounts Branch: Specify the branch from which account-specific transactions were added.
  • Upon clicking on “Show Report”, the report will be displayed on a monthly basis.

You can print the report via “Print” or export it as a CSV, EXCEL, or PDF file from the export options.

It’s important to note that if the report is displayed on a “Cash” basis rather than “Accrual”, not all expense and revenue transactions will be shown; only the financial transactions will be displayed.