Viewing the Balance Sheet Report

To View the Balance Sheet Report

  1. Click on the “Reports” menu.
  2. Click on “Accounting Reports“.
  3. From the “Accounting Reports” page, select the “Balance Sheet” report.
  4. The “Balance Sheet” report will appear on a new page. You can apply a number of additional filters to the report, including:
    • Date Range: Through this field, you can define the start and end of the period for which you want to view the report.
    • Journals Branch: Select the branch whose accounts you wish to view in the balance sheet report; you can also select all branches together.
    • Display All Accounts: You can choose “Display All Accounts” or “Display All Accounts with Transactions “ or “Hide Zero Accounts”.
    • Levels: Choose the accounts display level as you want from level 1 to 5 or choose “Default Levels”.
    • Note: If you have closed fiscal years, a new field will appear allowing you to select the desired fiscal year.
  5. After modifying the filters, click on “Show Report“.
  6. You can print the report from “Print” or export it to a CSV, EXCEL, or PDF file from the export options.

Note: When searching in the general balance sheet, it is preferable to select the period “All Dates Before” and specify the end date of the period you want to search for, so that values appear with opening balances in case fiscal periods are not closed.
In the case of closing a fiscal period and searching for a period that overlaps between two periods, (search using the same mechanism while selecting all years).