Viewing the Sales by Staff Report

The Sales by staff report displays all invoices for the period specified when viewing the report, divided by each user separately.

Steps to view the Sales by Staff Report

  1. Click on the “Reports” menu.
  2. Click on “Sales Reports“.
  3. From the “Sales Reports” page, select the “Sales by Staff” report.
    1. Select “Details” to view details of each invoice separately.
    2. Select “Summary” to view the total amounts of invoice transactions for the specified period.
  4. After displaying the report, you can apply additional filters, including:
    • Date Range: Use this field to specify the start and end dates for the report period.
    • Client: Choose the client for whom you want to view the sales report.
      • If no specific client is selected, the system will display the report for all clients.
    • Invoiced By: Select a specific user or all users for whom you want to view the report for invoices they have added.
    • Currency: Specify the currency in which you want to view the report.
    • Work Order: Select a work order to display invoices associated with it only.
    • Branch: Choose one or more branches to view the sales report for their respective invoices.
  5. Once you’ve adjusted the filters, click on “Show Report“.
  6. You can either print the report using “Print” or export it to a CSV, EXCEL, or PDF file using the export options.

Note: You can switch between viewing the report by staff, by client, by salesperson, or by the time period using the “Staff” field located below the filter settings.