Viewing the Trial Balance & Nets Report

  1. Click on the “Reports” menu.
  2. Click on “Accounting Reports”.
  3. From the “Accounting  Reports” page, choose the “ Trial Balance & Nets Report”.
  4. After the report is displayed, you can apply several additional filters, which are:
    • Date Range: You can specify the start and end of the period for which the report should be displayed through this field.
    • Account Type: Select whether the account is a “Sub-account” or “Main Account”.
    • Main Account: Specify the code/name of the account to display its transactions.
    • Accounts Branch: Select the required branch that you wish to view its accounts in the income statement, you can also select all branches.
      • This option will only show in the report in case you have enabled the “Specify Account Branches” option from your “Branches Settings”.
    • Added By: Select a specific user or all users to display the report for invoices added through them.
    • Journals Branch: Select one branch or all branches through which the journals entries to be displayed were added.
    • Display All Accounts: You can choose “Display All Accounts” or “Display All Accounts with Transactions “ or “Hide Zero Accounts”.
    • Levels: Specify the level to be displayed only, or select “All” to display all levels.
  5. Upon modifying the filters, click “Show Report”.
  6. You can print the report from “Print” or export it to a CSV, EXCEL, or PDF file from the export options.

Note: This report displays all transactions in the specified period, plus the balances preceding this period, and shows the final balance after adding the previous balance to the transactions balance.