Activating the Discount Code when Activating the Subscription

If you have a discount code when subscribing to “Daftra”, follow the steps below to activate the code and get an instant discount on the payment invoice:


1- Log in to your account, then navigate to the account upgrade screen by going to “Account Information” and clicking on “Upgrade Plan” or “Renew Plan” if you are already on one of the paid plans.



2- Choose the package that suits you and click the “Select” button.


3- Select the desired add-ons to the plans such as users, branches, and number of rental units if applicable to determine the total value of the subscription.

4- Under payment information and payment method selection, click on the “Promo Code” link.


5- You will notice a new line in the package details and items named “Promo Code”.


6- Enter your available promo code, wait for the system to automatically calculate the discount on the package, or click the Apply button.

7- The system will automatically calculate the discount amount and display the new total subscription value due after the discount.

8- Complete the payment details, choose the appropriate payment method, and click the “Pay” button at the bottom of the page.


  • If you face any issues activating the promo code, please contact the sales team to verify the code’s validity and ensure its compatibility with the chosen subscription package.