What is the Integration Mechanism with Salla?

  • The integration  mechanism between the platforms “Salla” and “Daftra” works to convert orders executed in “Salla” to “Daftra Software” in the form of sales invoices. The Salla program sends the data of executed orders to the Daftra program, which in turn creates sales invoices with the same items and selling prices stated in the order within Salla.
  • This mechanism applies only to orders with the status “completed” and will not apply to orders issued in any other status.
  • This mechanism also applies to restored orders. The Daftra program creates a refund receipt for the items and orders that have been returned again in “Salla”.
  • The integration between Salla and Daftra does not transfer operations and orders executed before the date of integration. Data for orders executed in Salla will be sent after the date of integrating the accounts.