Does Daftra Support the Electronic Invoice System in Saudi Arabia and the Integration with the Zakat and Income Authority?

Yes, the Daftra program supports all the requirements of electronic invoicing in the first phase, which must be mandatorily implemented before December 4, 2021, as announced by the Authority, and they are as follows:

  1. Installing a modern invoicing system:
    • Daftra is an integrated invoicing software on the cloud that meets all the requirements of the Zakat and Income Authority. It includes all the mandatory fields for electronic invoices, such as the tax number of the supplier and the institution, and all types of taxes.
  2. QR Code system:
    • The Authority has set the deadline for implementing the mandatory QR code in the simplified electronic invoice until December 4. clients of Daftra can immediately start embedding the QR Code in their invoice templates by enabling the “KS Electronic Invoice” app from the “Apps Manager” section located under the “Settings” menu.
  3. Issuing invoices in PDF format:
    • The software provides this feature in all sales and purchase invoices.